With the Action you are able to invoke automations directly from TIledesk.

Simply drag & drop the action on the stage from the side menu, as show in the picture belok:

Once you drag the action you can configure it. The main part is to set up the webhook and populate all the fields to send to the Make webhook endpoint using the right flow attributes:


In the example above we set up an email field to be sent to Make with the value of “userEmail”.

You can connect arbitrary blocks to continue the Make action in the cases of success of failure of the Make webhok invocation. In the example in the picture above we simply connected a couple of Reply actions.

You can find more info, with a video explaining all the details of how to correctly setup a Make integration using the article here:

If you have questions about the Action or other Tiledesk features feel free to send an email to  or leave us a feedback