Tiledesk email notifications for assigned and unassigned conversations

Tiledesk will send you an Assigned email notifications when:

  • teammate is logged in the dashboard and their status is available, 
  • a requester starts a new chat and it is assigned to the logged-in teammate

Tiledesk will send an Unassigned email notifications when:

  • all project teammates status are unavailable
  • the office is closed
  • a requester starts a new chat 

Each teammate can manage their own email notifications for their projects via their personal account settings. 

To change the email notification settings (enabled by default) for a project: select a project > open the teammate details drawer > click on “Edit profile” and then select the Notifications tab

Gmail notifications troubleshooting

If you're not getting Gmail notifications in Chrome, check the desktop notification settings in your browser:                 Open Gmail > Select Settings and then Select See all settings. Scroll to the Desktop notification section and check the option “New mail notifications on” 


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