How Tiledesk notifications work

Tiledesk notification types for new messages or newly assigned support-chats

Your Teammates will receive many kind of notifications about new assigned chats or upcoming messages. Tiledesk supports three kinds of notifications:

  • In-app audio and visual notifications
  • Desktop push notifications
  • Email notifications

Foreground in-app notifications

While keeping the console active in the foreground (*), the most relevant type of notification for you and your teammates will be in-app audio and visual notifications.

(*) App active in Foreground: thebrowser window/tab containing the Tiledesk console is the topmost window/tab, not hidden by any other desktop application or other browsers instances

Your teammates will always receive notifications for new messages or assigned support-chats with a special pop-up window and an associated sound. Tiledesk will always do its best to ensure you never lose any new content or task assigned to you, with particular focus on new messages.

The “in-app” notifications (audio and visual) are only shown when in the following circumstances:

  • The teammate is logged in the dashboard and their status is available
  • The console web application is visible in the foreground
  • An end-user starts a new chat or types a new message which is assigned to the logged-in teammate

In order to receive push notifications you need to give Tiledesk permissions to show them in the browser. Learn how to do it in:

Configuring  push notifications in Chrome

Configuring push notification in Firefox

Notifications types

If you remain in your console tab, having the same in the foreground, you will receive three main visual notifications together with a sound notification (the latter also works in the background).

  1. Console pop-up notification
  2. Desktop pop-up notification
  3. Unread badge counter

See below how the notification will be shown to you.

If sound is enabled, an audio notification will always play on every new message or assigned chat.

In-app notifications for unassigned conversations 

For any new “unassigned” notification you will always see a new pop-up with a corresponding sound. The notification has a yellow theme, to distinguish it from normal pop-up messages.

You will receive Unassigned notifications, if the following applies:

  • The teammate is logged in the dashboard and a project is selected
  • No one is available (or everyone is busy, or the project is offline due to operating hours etc.) to reply
  • The dashboard is in the foreground
  • An end-user starts a new chat

Sound Notifications 

Sound notifications will ensure that you do not miss any customer chat or message.

To silence the sound simply click the "audio icon" in the right corner of the console application.

The console app is in the background

When the console application is not visible (because it is hidden in some way by other applications, or, by definition, because it is not in the “foreground” as we've defined it earlier), Tiledesk will have some special visual notification to attract the attention of the user.

To get these background notifications the following must apply:

  • Teammate is logged in the dashboard or in the chat and their status is available
  • The dashboard or chat page are in background (hidden behind other tabs, or completely closed)
  • An end-user starts a new chat or types a new message which is assigned to the logged-in teammate
  • Push notifications must be enabled on the Tiledesk Console web application.

Flashing tab notification page title

When there are unread messages, the page title changes continuously with the default page title and the unread messages count.

Desktop push notifications

A Desktop push notification will appear very similarly to the one in the foreground. Clicking on the notification will move your teammate to the corresponding chat.

Email notifications

By default, Tiledesk sends email notifications for conversations assigned to the logged-in teammate as well as for unassigned conversations. Check out the article Tiledesk email notifications for assigned and unassigned conversations to learn more.

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