Setting your availability status

Your status

When you’re logged into Tiledesk, you can set your status to any of the following:

  • Available: means you’re available to answer chats that will be handed over to you.
  • Unavailable: means internally to other agents that you’re not on your shift. You can still join chat requests even if your status is Unavailable.
  • Inactive: means that you're temporarily unavailable, e.g. for a quick break. If you have the Smart Assign feature set up, if one of the agents does not respond to X chats, their status automatically turns to ‘Inactive’. 

To manually change your status

To change your status once you’re already logged in, click the avatar image in the upper-left corner of the dashboard menu. You can simply switch your status from the drop-down menu.

Viewing other agents' online statuses

You can see which other agents are available by going to Settings > Teammates & Groups.


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