How to connect your Knowledge Base for GPT automation

Title: Connecting Your Knowledge Base to Tiledesk Using ChatGPT


Integrating ChatGPT into Tiledesk can enhance your chatbot's capabilities by connecting it to a knowledge base (KB). This tutorial will guide you through the steps to connect your knowledge base to Tiledesk using ChatGPT. This integration enables your chatbot to retrieve information from the KB to provide more accurate responses to user queries.


  • Access to Tiledesk account.
  • ChatGPT API key.
  • URL of your knowledge base.


1. Add GPT Key and Knowledge Base (KB) URL:

  • Log in to your Tiledesk account.
  • Navigate to the Chatbots section.
  • Click on the specific chatbot you want to connect to your KB.
  • In the chatbot settings, find the "GPT Integration" section.
  • Enter your ChatGPT API key in the provided field.
  • Input the URL of your knowledge base in the designated field.
  • Save your settings.

2. Set Up Your Welcome Message:

  • Still in the chatbot settings, scroll down to the "Welcome Message" section.
  • Customize your welcome message as desired. This is the initial message users will receive when interacting with your chatbot.

3. Add "Ask the Knowledge Base" Action:

  • Navigate to the "Actions" menu in your chatbot configuration.
  • Select "Ask the Knowledge Base" from the list of available actions.
  • Configure this action by specifying the knowledge base URL (which should match the one you provided earlier) and any additional settings specific to your KB.

4. Add Reply Attributes: kb_reply and kb_source:

  • While still in the Actions section, edit the "Ask the Knowledge Base" action.
  • In the action settings, find the "Reply Attributes" section.
  • Add two reply attributes:
        - "kb_reply": This attribute will store the response retrieved from the knowledge base.
        - "kb_source": This attribute will hold the source or reference of the KB information.

5. Create Paths for Success and Failure Blocks:

  • In the chatbot configuration, navigate to the "Paths" section.
  • Create a new path by clicking the "+ New Path" button.
  • Draw a path from the "Ask the Knowledge Base" action to the "GPT_Success" endpoint. This path represents successful knowledge base responses.
  • Create a second path from the "Ask the Knowledge Base" action to a new endpoint called "GPT_Fail." This path will handle cases where the knowledge base doesn't provide a relevant response.

With these steps completed, your ChatGPT-powered chatbot in Tiledesk is now connected to your knowledge base. When users interact with the bot, it will use ChatGPT to query the KB for information, store the response and source, and guide users through the appropriate path based on the KB's response.

Remember to regularly update your knowledge base to ensure that your chatbot provides accurate and up-to-date information to users. Additionally, you can further customize your chatbot's behavior and responses based on the knowledge base content and user needs.

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