How to set up a Pre-chat Form

What is a Pre-chat form?

Before getting practical, we ought to provide a definition of Pre-chat form. A pre-chat form is a pre-made form that a user gets when clicking on the live chat window to start a conversation. Usually, it asks you for basic info such as full name and email address. Naturally, it can be tailored to whatever info you'd like to acquire. 

How to enable a Pre-chat form?

Sign into your Tiledesk account, go to Settings, pick Widget and finally scroll down to Pre-chat.

Customize your Pre-chat form

Once you've enabled your pre-chat form, you can set its descriptive title, or just leave the one we've made available for you. A basic pre-chat form will ask for a name and email only. If you need other types of info, just enable custom fields.

If you choose to enable custom fields, these are the options you'll get: 

  • Full name;
  • email;
  • phone;
  • Terms & Privacy compliance;
  • Accept Terms & Privacy;
  • First message


Pre-chat form examples

Here are two interesting use cases for 

First message

In particular, if you pick First message, this will allow your user to draft a message for the Support Team that will give them an initial idea of the issue. That way they'll be able to readily get back to the user with solution. See below.

First message as the pre-chat form preview:

Terms & Privacy Policy

Another frequent use case is when you need your users to familiarize with your policies, such as Terms of Service and Privacy policy. You can include the html script within the custom field, for example:

<a href='' target='_blank'>Terms</a> and <a href='' target='_blank'>Privacy Policy</a>

You can also include the mandatory “I agree” check box.

Terms & Privacy policy as the pre-chat form preview:


For more specific pre-chat customizations with JSON specs, check out our developer zone.

That's it , folks! This was everything you needed to  know about our pre-chat form. If you need any clarification, write at