How to move from a web-widget to WhatsApp chat

We are all aware that people all around the world prefer to use their smartphone for pretty much everything. So why not make it even easier for your website visitors and customers to chat with you in real time. Aside from offering a nice classic web widget with chatbots, you can also give the option to move the conversation from the widget to an actual WhatsApp chat with a human operator. All thanks to chatbots and our Chatbot Design Studio. Let's see how.

Go to the Chatbot Design Studio

Once you're in the Chatbot Design Studio, select your start or any other block at which point of the conversation flow you wish to add the option to move to WhatsApp.

Create a button as a URL link

Add a button title, choose URL as a type, open in blank and add the following link in the URL field:

The link consist of:

  1. the initial part
  2. followed by the phone number you want to transfer the conversation to, so presumably your business number.
  3. the final part is “?text=” after which you can insert any text you'd like that will be sent as a first message in the WhatsApp chat. Remember to include %20 any time you'd like to insert space. Example: Hey%20need%20more%20info

Check this video out to see how it looks like in practice!