How to add internal Notes to conversations

Internal conversation notes: purpose

Add internal notes to conversations with your customers to discuss their questions with teammates behind the scenes before replying.
Often a message needs to be seen by another member of your team. Maybe they’re better placed to answer it, or maybe you need their opinion before replying. You can add an internal note so a teammate can be notified and directed to that conversation by clicking on ADD NOTE at the bottom of the right side.

How to add a Note

The internal notes are available both from the Monitor Section as well as the Chat section. To add a note, click on the Notes tab of the Conversation details.

Adding notes from the Monitor section below:


Adding a note from the chat section below:

Every agent belonging to the chat will be able to see the added note and provide relevant info internally.

Deleting a note

If you accidentally added a note, you can easily delete with the X icon.

When to use internal notes

Here are just a few examples of when you should discuss a conversation behind the scenes:

Addressing issues fast

If there’s a bug you can loop in a technical teammate to get their advice. Or, if a VIP customer is about to quit, you should definitely loop in their account manager to let them know.

Sharing ideas

Often a conversation with a customer can spark a moment of inspiration. They’ll have lots of ideas about how to use your product and what features they’d like to see next. Sometimes they’ll even have questions that will get you thinking, ‘This would make a great case study on our blog.’ You can loop in your content writer and share the idea with them right there and then.

Identifying sales opportunities

You’ll tend to learn when a customer should be directed toward your sales team. It’s rarely as straightforward as a user requesting to “talk to someone in sales.” Usually it means picking up clues that they need help identifying the right subscription level, feature set, or custom plan to resolve their problem. You can loop your best sales person into a promising conversation and ask if they’d like the message assigned to them.

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