How to contact the support of Tiledesk

Who to Contact?

If you have an issue, where do you go for help? If you are not sure, always log it with Read also the following detailed guide on what to expect.

NOTE: This support mail is valid only for PRO and ENTERPRISE customers.

Support Engineers

Support Engineers answer questions concerning end-customer environments:

  • Specific functionality (“How should this button work?”)
  • Broken functionality (”I pressed this button and X should have happened, but I saw Y”)
  • Broken public API calls
  • Installation, upgrades, and configuration of Tiledesk product solutions in customer environments

All of this is covered by your subscription.

Support Case Life Cycle

You have contacted support using email What happens next?


Your support case is initially triaged to determine the best Support team to address the question or issue. The Support team collaborates with you to understand the impact this problem is having on your business and to help ensure that we get all the information we need in a timely manner. We then search all available knowledge to see if there is an existing resolution or workaround to your question.

Replication attempt

If your case identifies a new problem, the support case is assigned to the Support Engineer with the most appropriate knowledge in the pertinent product area. They work your case initially by making every effort to replicate the issue. What happens after the replication attempt depends upon the type and complexity of the stated issue.
If a solution is found, we collaborate with you in the most expedient way, ensuring that the support case is updated.
If we cannot replicate the issue, we may request your assistance to gather additional detailed information until we are able to replicate and/or resolve the issue.

Defect or Enhancement request

If we identify the case as a Defect or Enhancement request, a separate issue is logged with Engineering. The Support team assists to prioritize all customer reported issues with Engineering. The issues are then addressed with the items having the greatest impact to customer base taking on the highest priority. The Support team member notifies you of the issue filed with Engineering so that you can monitor the Engineering case as needed.

Good communication 

Ensuring good communication is important for us to continue to focus on your issue/question. In order for the support team to address your issue/question, we may request additional information. We will expect to receive your responses in a timely manner. In the event that we do not receive a response, then we will follow a case chase sequence where we attempt to contact the customer via the phone.


Normally, a support case is only closed and marked “Resolved” upon your satisfaction. If the reported issue has not been seen before, the issue and resolution will be documented in the Tiledesk Knowledge Base to assist other customers who may encounter the same issue.

Satisfaction survey

Your feedback is important to us. As the life cycle last step, you are sent a short survey designed to help us improve our service. 

Support channels for FREE customers

  1. You can use our Community Forum 
  2. You can join our Discord server where there is a dedicated channel. This is the invite link

More details about our support policies are available on our Developer zone

You are welcome to let us know your thoughts or feedback at any time by emailing us at info at(@)

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