Activities Log

Activities: purpose

1.Track Agents’ Activities

The audit log has many benefits: it allows you to securely track what agents have been doing on the system and to keep them accountable for their actions. With the audit log, you can solve potential problems by viewing what has been done on the system by a specific agent at a specific time.

tiledesk activities section

2.Change Activities

Tiledesk’s audit log allows you to record all activities performed by agents in the system, ranging from any teammate updates and invitations to new conversations. 

3.Add filters for a complete audit log

Filters help you narrow down audit log entries and facilitate your search for the information you are interested in. Filters include agent, time period, activities.

For example, you may build an audit log that displays activities for a specific time range as well as an individual agent.


That's it for our Activities section! 

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