How to render buttons for quick replies

With Tiledesk open source chatbot builder is very easy and fast to render buttons to create quick replies for your website visitors or customers also on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other channels.

How to render buttons with our open source chatbot builder

Simply place an asterisks (*) on a new line, followed by the text that you want to render in the button. The rendered text will be all the one in the line, trimmed by trailing and leading spaces.

In our case, to render the list of accounts as buttons, we can replace the “-” in the list of the accounts with asterisks (*). It’s also better to refactor the text of our message because the list will be ripped apart from the message and the Quick replies buttons will be placed after the message text.

So the new answer text will become:

Question (don’t change)

what type of accounts do you provide?

Answer (1. replace – with *, 2. removed tail suggestion to type option’s name):

__Quantabank__ actually provides the following account types. 

Please choose the one you are interested in.

* Basic Checking Accounts. 
* Savings Accounts. 
* Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts. 
* Money Market Accounts. 
* Brokerage Accounts.

Every element in the list of the reply message marked with an asterisk (*) will be rendered as a button.

Press UPDATE ANSWER. Now test it in the usual way, moving to Request panel and pressing SIMULATE VISITOR button. Start a new conversation pressing the “New conversation” button (or continue the old one). After the greetings message you can ask your question “what kind of accounts do you provide?”, and this will be the resulting reply:


Our list was rendered as a group of buttons, aligned on the right of the widget area. Probably our user will be more happy, having only to click and option on a menù instead of typing an entire text.

What will now happen if we push some of those buttons? Let’s try, for example, “Savings Accounts”.

Brokerage Accounts

We’ll get the same response as the NLP case:

We’ve seen the power of Quick replies, and how easy it is to introduce them in our conversations.

Would you like now to create a full IVR menu with our open source chatbot builder?

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