Automatically show the assigned agent name after the handoff

Do you want to discover how to send automatic reply to customer after the conversation is assigned to a live agent? Are you looking to automate repetitive workflows? If the answer is YES, this is the right guide for you.

Sometimes you want to show automatically the name (and optionally also the surname) of the current agent who is serving your visitor after an handoff operation, like this:

Create a new trigger

Let's configure a new trigger following these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Triggers > and click on Add Trigger button
  • Add a trigger name
  • Select from the Run trigger events: When a chat message is sent by anyone
  • Add the following conditions:
    • Condition 1: Message text, Operator: Contains, Value: “added to group”. With this condition the trigger intercepts the system message sent by Tiledesk when an agent joined the chat. 
    • Condition 2: Number of participating bots, Operator: Equals, Value: 0. Add this condition to disable the trigger when a chatbot is serving a chat.
  • As action :
    • Select Send a message to the visitor
    • Choose the message sender from the dropdown
    • Insert a message like this:


Hi I'm {{request.participatingAgents.0.firstname}} {{request.participatingAgents.0.lastname}}. I'm here to help you!!!

You can use many variables within the messages sent by triggers. For more variables, see the Request model object


How to send automatic reply to customer after the conversation is assigned to a specific live agent

In case you want to to send an automatic reply to your customers and/or website visitors only when the conversation is assigned to a specific live agent you can create exactly the same trigger, but you have to specify the name of the live agent in the message text field, as follows:

Please don't forget to select the same live agent for the Send a message to the visitor action in order to provide a good customer experience.

Do you want to see the result? 

Et voilà…

Do you like it? If yes and/or you think there is still room for improvement with Tiledesk triggers, please send us a mail to info at (@)


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Finally discover the advantages of automated customer service with Tiledesk.